Deliver More Engaging Product
Experiences to Your Customers

Increase adoption and growth by creating more engaging product experiences driven by customer behavior.

Your friendly, all-in-one, product analytics and customer engagement platform.

Create individual relationships with your customers.


  • Capture a comprehensive set of customer data, including in-product behavior, production data, and customer account data.

  • Build omnichannel product experience with your customers through in-product, email, web, and mobile engagements.

  • Increase customer lifetime value by influencing behaviors and product adoption.

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Guide customers to really know, love, and use your product.


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  • Create in-product journeys that point customers to the features you know they’ll value.

  • Deliver personalized onboarding experiences to help customers learn your product.

  • Nurture customers to adopt new features and capabilities.

Drive adoption, renewals, and growth.


  • Increase trial-to-win rate with real-time insights into how prospects use your product.

  • Segment customers based on product behavior to understand the ideal moment to cross-sell and upsell.

  • Identify customers with low product engagement and prevent them from churning.

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Earn more customers. Increase loyalty.

Understand your customers on a whole new level, in real time — so you can create the features that keep them coming back for more. Plus, with in-app tools to guide behavior, you can make sure you’re helping every customer uncover the true value of your product.

Build. Market. Sell.

For Product Teams

At last, product teams can build products that directly respond to customer behavior, desires, and feedback—and deploy in-app tools to help customers see the value of individual features. Instead of gambling on hunches, teams can leverage data to create personalized experiences and guide users to the features that matter most.


For Marketing Teams

Now your product can be its own marketing channel. Thanks to real-time segmentation based on usage, marketers can target unique customers with relevant messages right within the product. Our modal and pop-up dialogs provide powerful opportunities to attract, nurture, and convert prospects.


For Sales Teams

Sales teams can increase win rates by focusing on the prospects who are the most engaged with your product. Real-time usage data provides the information salespeople need to cross-sell and upsell at just the right moment, with just the right offer, to encourage customers to buy, renew, and upgrade.