About Us.

Delivering powerful analytics and in-product engagements used to increase adoption, retention and influence up-sell/x-sell.

Our Team

Mickey Alon

CEO and Founder

Travis Kaufman

VP of Growth

Pat O’Brien


Gil Michlin

VP of Engineering

Aleh Haiko

Principal UX Designer

Angelo Matheou

Sr. Director of Customer Success

David Lassen

Sr. Account Executive

Misha Kopaniov

Senior Backend Engineer

Timur Gromkov

Front-end Developer

Nick Wolfe

Senior Software Engineer

Elad Cohen

Engineering Manager

Moran Ohana

Engineering Manager

Harel David

Full-stack Engineer

Marissa Bonfiglio

Marketing Associate

Guy Lusika

Full-stack Engineer

Shaul Zorea

Senior Back-end Engineer

Contact Us

We’re headquartered in downtown San Mateo, California, just one block from Caltrain:

38 South B Street, Suite 205
San Mateo, CA 94401 USA


With some of the most amazing engineers on the planet in our development center located in Tel Aviv, Israel:

Aluf Magan Kalman 3
Tel Aviv, Israel