November 15th, 2017

Mastering Product Adoption and Growth

Top product leaders shared ideas on how to improve product adoption and growth.

This event brought together product leaders to share their experience with product adoption, growth, and product-led go-to-market strategies. It’s was an opportunity to learn from industry leaders and to connect with an amazing group of product and marketing professionals.


Jeetu Patel headshot
Box logo
Jeetu Patel
Chief Product Officer – Box
Top Tips for Product Leadership

One mistake on the product management side has ripple effects for years tocome. Teams of engineers get misdirected, product marketing goes out with the wrong message, sales sells the wrong thing and customer success faces escalation issues. Because it’s such an important job with lots of responsibility, product managers can’t afford to mess up. The following 10 lessons provide a rubric for succeeding in a product-led company.

Ken Rudin headshot
Google logo
Ken Rudin
Head of User Growth & Analytics – Google
Key Principles of Growth

Growth is not a series of clever hacks, a silver bullet, or a killer feature. It is an iterative, data-driven process focused on building great products that add real value to users. From defining your north star metric to increasing feature discoverability, Ken shares the seven principles that led to such tremendous product growth at companies like Google, Facebook and Zynga.

Mickey Alon headshot
Aptrinsic logo
Mickey Alon
CEO – Aptrinsic
Mastering Product Adoption

Product led go-to market strategies provide distinct advantages for your customers and your business. What challenges will you face, what will you measure to determine success? Mickey shares practical examples of how leading product organizations are succeeding with this approach and the solutions and capabilities needed for effective execution.

Nick Bonfiglio headshot
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Nick Bonfiglio
Co-Founder – Aptrinsic
Leading with Your Product

Customers needs and expectations have evolved. The way technology is sold and delivered to customers has also evolved creating new opportunities for SaaS companies to deliver quicker time-to-value and increase customer life-time value. Learn about the benefits of a product led go-to market strategy and how you can turn your product into your best sales tool.

Dan Olsen headshot
Special Guest
Dan Olsen
Event Emcee

Product Management Consultant
Author of “The Lean Product Playbook”