Product Marketers Unite


Disruption–the good kind-happens when you fill a room with the best and the brightest among your peers, thought leaders, and product marketing gurus. That’s the inspiration behind Product Marketing Community Boston–created by product marketers for product marketers. With the theme “Architects of Growth”.

All of your favorite speaker presentations are available for download

Samantha Stone Unleash Possible: Practical Steps to Becoming an Architect of Growth
Diane Pierson The Cup Holder Conundrum: Speaking the Language of Your Buyer
Christy Murfitt Reframing Messaging – And Commanding More Value – When the Market and Buying Dynamics Are Shifting
Bertrand Hazard Buyers Want the Brutal Truth, Not Slick Messaging
Beth Caplow Taking a Strategic Approach to Launch for Better Business Results
Travis Kaufman Become the Catalyst for Product Launch Success
Robert Bois Curing Launch-time Blues with Tiers rather than Tears
Michael Maziarka Win by Helping Sales to Understand and Embrace the Customer’s Situation
Neil Baron My Neighbor’s Dog Can Teach Us About Sales Enablement
Zak Pines The Key to Sales Enablement – Customer Interviews, Here’s How